SI 144

The SI Series are like the Fish Family very good allround Boards which feature Round and Pintails. The SI is like the younger brother from the Fish. It is looser, because of the round tail and a bit more progressive, due to a shorter running length and a bit smaller surface area then the Fish. It rides well in Trees and Pillows  and has skills in steep Terrain as well. A very balanced and great Allround Shape.



Length: 144cm
Dimensions: Nose 34cm, Waist 28.1cm, Tail 29.6cm
Planing Surface Area: 0.406 m2
Base: PPG 8000 Sintered
Topsheet: 3D Beech Veneer (Custom Option American Walnut)
Core: CNC Machined 3D Paulowina Wooodcore
Channels: HYPER Channel
Construction: Carbonfibre
Conditions: 10cm or Deeper



Board , Pad , Leashplug and special Scraper.
Custom Options: Choice of Base Colour and Top Veneer, Paulownia Woodcore,
Full Carbon Construction, Complete Custom Shape and Custom made Artwork from various Artist. Images by a Laserprinter.


Price 924.- €                    Info | Order

incl. 20% Vat (net price 770.-€)

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