The Äsmo  Quiver is consistantly growing and evolving the same principle wich influenced and inspired Äsmo from the start.
Planing Hulls and the idea of speed and control is a crucial concept infused in all our shapes.

A big Surface area generates alot of lift and the channels give you control over the incredible speed received by the unique 3 dimensional design of the Äsmo Powsurfer.
A wide variaty of Outlines let you explore all kind of different feelings and let you adapt to ever changing conditions and terrain.
Äsmo reflects our great respekt for surfboard design, for example such as the Alia and Paipo Board and the outstanding surfboard design and work of Simmons Hydrodynamic Planing Hulls brought to light by Richard Kenvin in various forms.

We try to adapt past ideas, put our own twist on things and come up with something new.


The Channels

The 3D Shape is what makes our Boards unique and perform like no other Powsurfer!

The channel, a concept taken from surfing, was adapted and reinvented for the best bindingless performance. The Flat surface Area in the middle of the Board makes for great stability and lift in Powder. The channels allow the board to tilt on each side and dig in an edge which gives the board control in turns, to traverse and for jumps. They act much like a fin in a surfboard! But rather than being placed at the tail end, the channels run in the middle of the board in between your feet.It enables you to draw the line you want and let you navigate the board even on slopes to reach your next Powder run.


These boards are hand and machine crafted in Zillertal, in the centre of the Austrian Alps.
The construction of the Äsmo is similar to a High End Snowboard but the production process is even more complex with its unique 3D form.
The process of building a single Äsmo requires a combination of specifically developed materials and components pieced together over a two day period. All the Materials used are hand selected and quality tested before making it to the construction stage.

A CNC Machine provides flawless flow from design to construction. This allows precise construction of components and shapes to produce a perfect board every time.

Boards are custom made to provide our clients with the perfect board and experience on the mountain. There are many options to fine tune your board, for example the composite materials can be changed to a complete carbon fibre construction to get an even lighter board. You can choose different Topsheet Veneer such as American Walnut.



The Äsmo powsurfer comes with a Pad,to fit your powsurfer. The Pad made out of EVA foam has a kick on the tail and nose end for solid stance and good sized nob´s for good traction! It features a double sided tape to stick on your powsufer! It adjusts the deep channel to a nice, skateboard like, concave. Further more the Äsmo powsurfer comes with a stainless steel leashplug, wich is screwed into the back insert, to hook up the leash.

A easy DYI projekt for your Äsmo is to install magents. There is a few different ways to do this but the most common one is magnets in/on the boots and iron sheets on the pad. Pot magnets, which you can find on various magnet websites, are easy to screw to the sole of any kind of boot. The iron sheets should be placed at your stance and allow you to move around a little bit. A standard size of the ironsheet would be: length 10-14cm, width 8-10cm. We use a singular sheet with 1mm thikness but you can try alot of different ways. To put it on the pad, cut the knobs were you want to place the sheet and stick on the sheets with a doublesided tape. Finish it off by applying a foam or rubber on top of the sheets.


The Endfinish of the Äsmo is really important to us. The Topsheet Veneer gets sealed twice with UV resistant Coating. Then the Board gets annealed for a few hours at about 70° Celcius for 2 reasons. One to get it waxed ,which is equivalent waxing a board about 10 times with a regular Iron! An allround wax is used in this process and the boards come ready to scrape. Second to enhance the characteristics of the Epoxy Resin which makes the flex and torsion of the board more smooth.